Happy Labor Day and a huge THANK YOU to all of our friends, family and generous supporters!

This campaign has certainly been a Labor of Love. We are 6 months into our campaign and closing in on half way to our fundraising goal. When our team kicked off this effort early this year we knew it would be a marathon, not a sprint. Our goal has always been to get Rob upright by his 10 year injury date which is December 10, 2019. It amazes me daily…the commitment, kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of so many that have donated to getting our boy up and out of his wheelchair. 

Rob continues to train at Sheltering Arms in the Indego walking system. His strength and overall health has certainly improved since he began standing and walking regularly. We recently attended his wheelchair lacrosse national tournament in NY. For the first time since he’s been playing WLAX, Rob scored a few goals and his passing game was impressive. We know these improvements are due to his increased physical well being.

We are now closing in on the final weeks of preparation for our big event in NJ. The event titled “STAND WITH ROB – Rockin at the Jersey Shore” will be held on Sept 21st in Brick NJ. We’ve secured space in a park on a river with a bandstand and large grass area. Local musicians have committed to perform while we serve food, beer/wine, hold a gift auction and a competitive corn hole tournament.  Info on that event can be found on our website  www.standwithrob.org  Our Jersey team is on fire, so many feet on the ground making this event a success.

Our fundraising total as of today is $34,228 and we expect to be at $50k after the NJ event. There has been some discussion around a potential Halloween Costume Party benefit in Richmond so please stay tuned for more info on that.  As I’ve mentioned to some of you, once we are at the $50k mark I plan to write a grant to an organization that supports individuals with rare and chronic diseases. Rob is the perfect fit but their requirements are for applicants to prove that we have exhausted other fundraising efforts. I know we’ve got a compelling and heart warming story to tell and I’m confident we will get to our end goal of $90k by Robs anniversary date this December.

This isn’t just about being mobile…

From Sharon…

Rob recently had a check up appointment with one of his docs at VCU. He has been in the care of this wound care team for many years. Pressure wounds are very common for individuals who live their lives from a wheelchair.  This is the first time in many years that his wound doc said “WOW, I think this has finally healed!”.  She could not have been any happier. She and Rob attribute this healing to the time he is spending upright in the Indego system during his training sessions at Sheltering Arms.

He is training 2-3 times each week and the health benefits are already noticeable. Increased circulation, better digestion, less tightness and spasms in the legs and now FINALLY the pressure wound has healed. Rob continues to say how much better he feels overall. We couldn’t be more excited about his increased strength and health

One step closer…

From Rob….

Tomorrow is the big day! (05/18/2019) It’s almost time for the #StandWithRob fundraiser. I’ve been counting down the days and I couldn’t be anymore excited. It’s incredible how you feel when you can sense a dream coming true. I’ve always wanted to have the ability to walk again but through the years that has become sort of an afterthought. Now however, I can feel that energy again and it’s one I can’t describe. A robotic walking device may not be the same as unassisted walking but when you are in my position, it sure feels damn close. I believe 100% I will physically walk again, and the #Indego is one of the first steps to that. I’m ecstatic for the future and thanks to all the support I’ve been given over the years (especially recently) I have nothing but high hopes for it. Life is what you make it and I sure as hell plan on making it everything I desire and more. Don’t give up and don’t underestimate yourself because your drive is what will decide your future. I love you all and I truly hope to see you tomorrow at #StandWithRob ‼️

Wednesday Wonders…

From Sharon:

Yesterday morning while I was at work I got a call from Rob, he had fallen the night before, he was in a weird spot and could not get himself back up. He slept on the floor and tried again in the morning to get back in his chair, for whatever reason he couldn’t do it. He tried reaching a few friends/neighbors before they left for work but that didn’t work out. So he called me. Luckily, I work close by. When I got to his place he was on the floor, smiling up at me (I guess he had a decent nights sleep). I bent down to lift him and he said “oh mom, you smell very nice today”. He got in his chair, I went back to work, he moved on with his day. There was not one moment of….life sucks. Even though I know there are many days and nights that definitely suck for him! I thank God and the Universe everyday for that beautiful, positive attitude.

From Rob

I would not be where I am today without the love and support of family and friends. I was not left behind after becoming paralyzed, I just had to learn how to do things differently. It hasn’t been easy, in the early days there were plenty of moments filled with anger and frustration. But these days I am so grateful and excited about the opportunity to stand and walk in the Indego robotic walking system

For more information, please contact Team Rob at standwithrob@gmail.com or Help Hope Live at 800.642.8399.

Rob working hard in the hopes that he will be able to have an Indego Robotic walking device to enable him to stand and walk in his daily life.

The Journey Begins

Sharon’s story….

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect my 14 year son to become a paraplegic. Who could prepare for that? In a moment our lives were turned upside down. As a mom I had so many fears…will we get him healthy again, will he adapt to this new life, will he be left behind by friends and mostly how am I as his mother going to get him upright and walking again. I spent so much time doing my homework, educating myself on medical research, I thought the answer would be stem cell therapy. But over the past 10 years we haven’t seen much promise there, we’ve been through so many disappointments. So we redirected our efforts into technology.