Published on behalf of Mike Hepner

The cards that Rob were dealt with could have really changed him. Rob had two paths to choose from when he was given those cards.  Fight it and work through it all or give up and quit. Rob could be a rude miserable person. Rob could be someone that is mean to everyone around him because he is filled with anger. If he were that person he might not have the support group that is always around him to this day, but Rob is not that person. Rob chose the path to fight it and work through it.  Rob Is still a nice, polite, and caring person. Rob is an athlete, a go-getter, and a doer. That’s why so many people always come to support him.  Rob’s mother says she wishes she could stand next to him and look up at him, and for him to be taller than her, but I think we all do look up to him and Rob Is the TALLEST person here!

—-Mike Hepner