From Sharon:

Yesterday morning while I was at work I got a call from Rob, he had fallen the night before, he was in a weird spot and could not get himself back up. He slept on the floor and tried again in the morning to get back in his chair, for whatever reason he couldn’t do it. He tried reaching a few friends/neighbors before they left for work but that didn’t work out. So he called me. Luckily, I work close by. When I got to his place he was on the floor, smiling up at me (I guess he had a decent nights sleep). I bent down to lift him and he said “oh mom, you smell very nice today”. He got in his chair, I went back to work, he moved on with his day. There was not one moment of….life sucks. Even though I know there are many days and nights that definitely suck for him! I thank God and the Universe everyday for that beautiful, positive attitude.